Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another boat sent a request for additional crew. Well, actually crew. Terry has Quicksilver, a 26' sloop. I waited until Thursday night to offer my service, but he had not waited and already had arranged a crew.

I crewed on Emmanuel, again. Scott, Penny, Michael, and Jackie are a team. They are inlaws. They work well together. I feel the fifth wheel on their boat.

The race started the same as two weeks ago. The course was similar. Everything was going as usual. I changed my tactics on being the starboard trimmer. I stayed in position and trimmed the sail. That seems to be what the boat wants. Going to the high side on this Catalina does not seem to help the helm that much. Mike trails for me and I trail for Mike on the winches. Works nicely.

The problem on the boat is that Penny is nominal captain. She relies on Scott a lot for advise. But Scott would really like Penny to take charge when she is captain. Coming up to the fourth and last mark before the finish line, we were in good shape. Scott thought we were leading in our class. Scott retires to the foredeck to manage the pole. He left me in charge of the main. We keep our lead up to the mark, but Scott had trouble dropping the pool. It's relatively new to the boat. Nice pool, but does not allow quick disconnection from the sail. Scott has to retract the pole to get to the clip at the sail. He could not get the pool off the mast fitting. Meanwhile we go past the mark and have boats to avoid and have to turn up into the wind. The sail catches the wind and drives the pole vertical catching Scott's hand between it and the mast. Mike goes to Scott's assistance. The wind does not allow Scott and Mike to free the pool for quite a while (really is was only a minute or two, but that seems an eternity in racing). Meanwhile we are still heading up river with Penny very concerned with what is going on on the foredeck. We encounter some J24's, who have choice words for us because we were not observing their right of ways. Finally Scott and Mike free the pole and we turn back down river toward the finish line. We finish, but last.

Scott really felt bad after the race. His hand hurt and his ego was hurt. All he was doing was trying to get every last inch of wind out of the downwind leg before dousing the pole.

This will be the last blog for a while. Hannah and I are taking off for a Cruise to Learn week and the cruising for two weeks. We are going to Vancouver, BC, for the first week and then charter a Catalina 34 for 2 weeks in the San Juans.

See you in five weeks.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Thursday, of course was July 3rd, day before the Holiday. So. . . . No racing. Have not been out to the boat, yet. Going tonight after dinner. Sleeping on her. Be back tomorrow. Next race is next Thursday. See you then.