Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last weekend we had house company. That usually means we ask them if they would like to go for a day sail. We asked. She accepted. We sailed.

We started the sail normally. We motored out of the marina. It was a great day. Wind out of the west at about 6-8 knots. So we turned up stream and I unfurled the head sail. Sailed up river for about 4 miles or about an hour. Turned around and gently sailed upwind and downstream back to the marina. Where it happened. I started to roll up the head sail. I got stuck. But instead of doing the smart thing I put the line on the winch and cranked some more. Where upon is just got tighter. It go so tight I could not release it. So I untied the sheets and rolled the sail up by wrapping it around the forestay. It was not pretty, but the sail was stowed. We motored back into the slip and docked with style. I checked the roller furling and decided to just cut the line and fix it later when I had some time.

Another guest came this weekend. He said sure he would help me fix the roller furling and then we could sail. I knew I would have to buy line, but I did not know what else I needed. We went to the boat and looked at the furling. It looked good at the bottom. Things seemed to be free and bearings looked good. No part was broken. I got the binoculars out and inspected the top of the furling. It looked like it was OK. What could be stopping the furling from furling.

Then the "Oh Sh....t" (some people might use the word "epiphany", but ...) moment happened. I saw the spinnaker halyard had wrapped around the sail preventing any further rolling. I freed the halyard and the sail rolled up just fine.

I am writing this in the hopes it helps fellow sailors. Look around and up when furling your head sail. It will save you the $33.00 for the new line.

I hope you got a laugh out of this post. I can laugh, now.