Friday, May 05, 2017


We were down to one crew, Bill. The course was "W", Start, Mark 1 (which was actually Buoy 2), Mark 4 (by Rose City Yacht Club), Finish. Wind was out of the west at 8 knots. Thunderstorms were all around us. We saw lightening strikes over the west hills and north Portland, none around us, thankfully.

We started on starboard tack. Walked the line and then hardened up. We had a good start, but La Dolce Vita was two boat lengths behind us and two boat lengths to windward. This made tacking to port not an option right away. We went as far as we could until we had to tack to port. We passed behind La Dolce Vita and Blew Streak just passing a few feet aft of them. But we managed to get ahead of them to the windward mark. We were feeling pretty good. Bill set the pole to starboard with little trouble. All the boats were pretty close together starting away from the windward mark. We edged our way over to the middle of the river. Blew Streak was further over. We managed to shadow them and get further over toward the Oregon side, but still in the middle of the river in deeper water. Blew Streak decided to join the other boats going up the main channel which left us in clear air. We were keeping up and gaining on River Weasel for a while. River Weasel go a good puff of wind upstream of Ryan Point and pulled ahead by 5 boat lengths. We rounded the leeward mark in second place. We noticed River Weasel having problems tacking and gained on her a bit. But when we rounded the mark, Bill was still up front with the pole. I pulled in the main, but the head sail was left to fend for itself. This proved to be trouble. The sail wrapped around the forestay. I put the boat in irons to relieve the wind pressure while Bill untangled the sail. Meanwhile La Dolce Vita passed us. We finished third.

No pictures, no track.


We had a full crew, Bill and Liv. The race was course T, Start, Mark 1, Mark3, Finish. Wind was out of the west at a good clip.

We had a good start. We were back on starboard near the mark side of the line. La Dolce Vita was leeward, but she did not challenge us. We were all early to the line, but walked the line until the start. We could not see the committee boat as La Dolce Vita blocked the view. When she hardened up, we did too and crossed the line to windward and slightly ahead of her. We did our tack to port and sailed to the Washington side as long as we could. Then tacked to starboard. We went that way until we tacked back to port. Then it got interesting. Jubilee. a C&C 35, started yelling at us that they were starboard. We were close to our line to the mark, so we tacked to starboard, lee bowing them. They got real quiet after that. We rounded the mark and set the boom to port and tried to set the pole to starboard. Bill and Liv had some coordination problems and it took us a while. We got that straightened out, but not after being left behind by La Dolce Vita. We mostly caught up to her by the windward mark. We rounded the mark behind La Dolce Vita and went to port tack until we could make the finish mark. We finished second.

The race committee boat was Free Bowl of Soup. They took some very nice pictures during the evening and got two of Aventura.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


The first race of the SYSCO SPRING Thursday Series was last night. I have a new crew member this year. She is the wife of a long time crew member.

We placed third in our Pennant. Four boats are in our group, La Dolce Vita, River Weasel, Blew Streak, and Aventura.

The wind was out of the WSW at about 8 knots. The course, 'T', was set up with mark one across from Tomahawk and mark three was off of Salty's. The start was tucked in at 'C'. The wind when we first got out there was from the SSW. I wondered why the set the course as they did, but mine is not to reason why but the race or die.

We figured with the wind as it was, a port tack near the committee boat would be a good way to start. The start started well, but quickly turned against us. Boats on starboard tack have the right of way over boats on port tack. We followed La Dolce Vita on port across the starting line. he beat the boats on starboard, but we did not. We were forced to tack to starboard to give the right of way to the starboard boats. It took us some time to recover. Meanwhile the boat that we followed went blissfully ahead of everyone. He was in clear air. We was in messed up air with all these boats around us. We managed to tack to port and discovered we were in third place. Blew Streak was in worse shape than we were.

We rounded the windward mark third. Set our wing on wind with the boom to starboard, which we had to change because of the wind being in the wrong quadrant. We were second place for a while until another boat spoiled our wind. River Weasel chose to run down the middle of the river. For a while we were easily ahead of him. But We tried to get away from Vaporware, but could not shake him. We rounded the leeward mark third and finished third. The wind was great. The water was smooth. There is another race next week.

No plot of our race. The start of first race of the season is always hectic.