Friday, July 18, 2014

Fourth Race SYSCO Summer Series 2014, July 10, 2014

Nice normal summer wind.  Crew was Bill S. and Doug C.  The course was S-2-14-F.  We had a normal start with an added advantage of Estrella Del Mar (EDM) being over early and thus having to restart giving us a nice lead.

We rounded Buoy 2 second right after La Dolce Vita (LDV) who had an excellent start.  We set the whisker pole this time and kept it up until 14.  We were able to catch LDV.  We tried to shadow her, but she kept moving to port to get out of our shadow.  She finally moved to port enough for us to break away.  Bill was watching the action behind us and noted that EDM was catching us.  She finally chose to shadow LDV who was shadowing Upstart.  The three of them slowed down and allowed us to further separate from them.

We rounded the leeward mark and I cause us to go straight to starboard tack instead of remaining on port tack and gaining some ground to go straight to the finish on one tack to starboard.  We had to tack to port to gain the finish line which we did and got the horn.  We had finished first.  This was the first time finishing first since the first race of the spring series.  We attributed it to Doug being our lucking charm.  This was the first race for him since his heart trouble.  Glad to have him back.

Here's the track:

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