Friday, June 29, 2018

SYSCO Thursday Night Summer Series Race #4, June 28, 2018

Crew was Justin and John. Course was Start-2-14-Finish. Wind was light, but 4-6 knots with gusts to 7. Only two boats showed up for the race, Blew Streak and Aventura. That is probably why we got second.

We had a good start but again in the middle of the line. Starboard tack with all the big boats coming up on us very strongly. We were quickly in bad air, but could not go to port until Candoo caught up to us. Once that happened we tacked to port. Blew Streak was late across the line,but had clear air and continued on starboard tack. We did not go to starboard until very close to the Washington shore. We waited until the edge of the wind line to tack. Blew Streak had to duck behind us on port tack. We tacked to starboard and ducked behind Blew Streak on the lay line to the mark. We set the pole to port and since the wind seemed to be coming from the northwest we stayed near the Washington shore. MISTAKE. The wind was not kind and we got shadowed by the buildings. The track below shows the red. The map does not line up the shore properly. We seemed a lot closer than the plot shows. Anyway, Blew Steak took to the middle and we never saw here again. But we did have clear air once we cleared the buildings, but it was too late. Everyone else had left us behind. Enough said about that "race".

The track is below:

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